INDIA: NOWarchitecture and the bradbury dicker group have collaborated to form NOWbdg to deliver international standards of excellence educational design to India. For the past eight years, NOWbdg have been committed to building strong business relationships in India. We have achieved this though energetic participation in Government Trade Missions and active involvement in Conferences run by the India Green Building Council.

NOWbdg are skilled in developing innovative passive environmental strategies for buildings where energy sources are unreliable. This is demonstrated in our work with the Beary Group in providing passive cooling stategies for a mosque in the tropical city of Kodi, India.

Multiple visits to India has seen NOWarchitecture presenting at the Green Building Council Conference in 2010 while developing close relationships with a number of Indian companies.

UNITED KINGDOM: NOWarchitecture has strong ties to the British Council of School Envionments and presented at their Conference in Liverpool in 2009. A senior member of the NOWarchitecture team worked in London as an urban designer for a number of years.


  • Unique integrated, project based solutions
  • Designs for social and cultural environments
  • Solutions for climate, topology and existing infrastructure

"When just 1% of project up-front costs are spent up to 70% of its life-cycle costs may already be committed; when 7% of the project costs are spent up to 85% of life-cycle costs have been committed"

NOWarchitecture's expertise in Environmentally Sustainable Design and modern educational facilities has received international recoginition. With energy costs and water shortages increasing throughout the world, expert consultancy from NOWarchitecture and NOWbdg will provide innovative solutions which will signifcantly improve the efficiency of your project.

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Trade Engagement Program India

  • 2010 - International Speaker - Green Building Council Conference, Chennai India
  • 2010 - Professional Consultancy - Beary Group Passive ESD Strategy for Mosque, Kodi India
  • 2009 - National Conference Speaker - British Council of School Environments, Liverpool UK