Office Facilities

Year: 2000 - 2014 

Every office facility designed by NOWarchitecture works hard - from concept to construction to continuous use.  At NOWarchitecture, good office facility design blends functionality and flair to provide practical, sensible and inspiring solutions to each client’s need. NOWarchitecture forges rational and informative links between all stakeholders.

We design supportive environments for work, recognising the need for individual focus as well as collaborative workspace. Bespoke furniture and adaptable planning rapidly facilitate a variety of work settings. Improved staff alertness and psychological comfort is achieved by excellent natural lighting, ventilation and good acoustics. Thoughtful window placement and shading with consideration of indoor and outdoor break-out spaces and garden outlooks are pivotal elements to our design ethos. 

Nurtured at every stage of the process, office spaces are created that are appreciated by our clients, by their clients and by the wider community for their design excellence and environmental responsibility.  Healthy spaces are achieved with low off-gassing by the use of low VoC materials and minimising treated surface finishes. Durable materials and low-maintenance furniture are selected to compliment high quality internal planning.

The elements that contribute to our office design successes are : 

  • Minimisation of energy and life cycle costs,
  • Careful material selection for comfort, low maintenance, and cost efficiency,
  • Contextual response to the brief, 
  • Workplace time and motion analysis,
  • Ergonomics and comfort levels.