Wodonga West Primary School

Year: 2009 - 2011

Situated in the regional Victorian city of Wodonga, The primary school is an essential, integral component of the community of the town. The design incorporates numerous ESD elements with a particular focus on maximising natural day lighting, passive ventilation and integration with protected outdoor spaces.

Orientation of the design to the north allows solars penetration into the building for warmth in winter and natural day lighting with appropriate shading. Thermal massing in  the concrete floor slabs, sub-floor water storage and masonry internal walls stabilises internal temperatures allowing for a cool, comfortable environment for teaching and learning.

The material selection incorporates the importance of life cycling and low embodied energy and the materials used throughout are economical and efficient. Timber structure has low embodied energy (compared to steel) sourced from managed Australian plantation forests.

Integrated passive cooling system draws air through pipes embedded in sub-floor water tanks with the automated control of heating/cooling system, louvre windows and skylights providing internal comfort and fresh air. Sub-floor water storage provides 50,000 litres of harvested rain water to toilets and gardens. Efficient Lighting Systems

Spaces provide flexible learning spaces for modern pedagogy with experiential learning through visible structures. The excellent natural light and ventilation improves staff and student alertness promoting more efficient and effective learning. Window placement around the design allows for visible seasons with a strong connection to outdoor learning spaces and the food garden.