Wyndham Training Centre

Year: 2011 

Our concept for Wyndham Regional Community Trade Training was conceived as a “Commercial Campus” to bridge between Education and Industry in terms of its physical presentation as well as its education programs. 

The structural system of the ‘Commercial Campus’ is a system of rhythmic portal frames to provide opportunity for space use flexibility and option for future growth and expansion. Workshop spaces can be expanded north and south, while associated Administration and student services can be expanded to the east.  The campus is geared to have an active after-hours life available to the wider community. When in use at night it will be a visible beacon to the community beyond. 

This flexibility has also built in new micro-climates where the building protects courtyards and outdoor learning areas from the harsh local prevailing winds.  The building defines a network of outdoor spaces for recreation, outdoor learning, public interface and connectivity to surrounding areas. The design Concept resolved this challenging site.  

The site incorporated many existing expensive site assets including roadways, carpark and existing entrance condition.  These imposed a strong influence on how the remaining site could be coherently resolved as an effective Educational setting.  To maximise the construction budget it was important to incorporate these existing assets into a cohesive concept. They challenged fundamental siting decisions for this Trade Training Centre.  The undesirable west orientation of the site was transformed into an asset.  NOWarchitecture developed a series of cost effective portal frames which were tilted and alternately flipped to achieve even North / South natural lighting and ventilation through the full length of the learning pavilions. Traditional low budget ‘sheds’ became elegant, flexible, insulated, naturally lit spaces amidst calmed microclimates for outdoor learning facilities.