Micro Bathroom Fitzroy

Year: 2004 

“Micro Bathroom” by NOWarchitecture, turns 1.48sqm built-in robe into a light, airy and sometimes steamy ensuite. Built within the architect’s own home (an apartment in Fitzroy), Micro Bathroom is not only packed with function (shower, toilet, heated towel rail, vanity, basin and shelves but packed with sensory experience. The mirrored walls tease the eye, the fragrance of the Huon pine basin tickles the nose and the skylight fills the space with light and air.

The building at the corner of Spring and Rose Streets, Fitzroy looks from the outside as it did in 1924, when it was home to a textiles factory.  Since its initial conversion in 2000, it has been home to approximately 15 residents, who live in 8 units behind the original red brick walls, and under the original sawtooth trusses.  A little city Oasis.

The Micro Bathroom facilitates excellent evening cooling and ventilation after a hot Melbourne day without noisy and expensive air-conditioning.  During the winter, the Micro Bathroom provides a cosy ventilated space with dry fluffy towels and bathmat, kept warm by the hydronic towel rack.

The moonlight is frequently totally adequate illumination for night use, while two small low voltage wall lights provide two different levels of accent lighting. Construction materials were chosen for the reasons given in 'concept', relating to the ways they enhance the space, ambience and environment of the Micro Bathroom; and in 'cost effectiveness' for how efficiently they perform their required functions. 

The boundaries of this Jewel are absolute, consequently its space has to be concentrated, both in terms of function and in design rigour.  A Brief could not simply be pushed in, it had to be crafted.  This craft includes the combination of reflective surfaces, transparent planes and light fields to create an illusion of a space larger than it is.  Materials selection were critical to the success of the Micro Bathroom.

Micro Bathroom makes getting up in the morning something to really look forward to.