Rosanna Residence

Year: 2009 - 2012

This retrofit of a 1950s brick veneer house completely revives the home to suit the family’s lifestyle and passion for sustainable living.

Embodied Energy and materials wastage is minimised by retro-fitting the existing house, as opposed to a new build. The existing structure is utilised, its efficiency dramatically improved, and good materials are kept out of landfill.

The home directly benefits from its environment through design and intelligent use of technology.

Sustainable Architecture

  • Design for Climate, Natural day lighting, passive ventilation, and solar harvesting
  • Orientation to north - Solar penetration for warmth in winter and natural daylight with shading
  • Extensive additional insulation stabilises internal temperatures
  • Integrated passive cooling system draws coolth through heat/cool exchange system
  • Efficient lighting systems
  • Consideration of life cycling, embodied energy and economy in selection of materials

Rainwater storage of 107,000 Litres of rainwater storage connects to toilets, washing machine and garden taps allowing the property to increase it’s efficiency of water use.

Passive cooling provides air-conditioning for near-zero energy consumption whilst ‘Coolth’ is transferred from the large thermal mass of the converted pool to a fan system inside. Solar power provides 3.04kw of electricity generated on site with an additional capacity of 0.96kw. Included in the design is solar heating and hydronic heating which reduces the need for consumption and improves the comfort. Water wastage is also eliminated by a re-circulating heat loop which is caused by waiting for the water to increase in temperature.

The ‘Solar Wall’ thermal chimney induces cross ventilation allowing the house to be naturally ventilated. Improved passive solar design means more efficient electric lighting, more warmth in winter and more comfortable spaces. The insulation is amplified by the west brick veneer walls ‘wrapped’ in insulating cladding to protect against summer heat gain.