NOWarchitecture's environmental focus has won awards.

Worlds Best Practice Environmental sustainability is fundamental to all undertakings in all building types.

NOWarchitecture is expert in recycling and retrofitting existing buildings for diverse and exciting new uses.

NOWarchitecture uses three dimensional computer modelling to verify solar exposure, daylighting, acoustic, thermal and ventilation performance and sight lines.

NOWarchitecture is continually undertaking research into emerging products and technologies. Through this research we have developed our own passive environmental systems.

Environmentally Sustainable Design strategies that guide our architecture include :

  • Efficient logical structures and rational building forms
  • Response to climate and intelligent interplay of natural light
  • Solar orientation for warmth in winter and natural daylighting
  • Even cross ventilation and induced passive ventilation
  • Night purging systems
  • High levels of exposed thermal mass
  • Reduction of secondary finishes
  • Economic use of materials
  • Consideration of life cycle costs and embodied energy
  • Low energy heating and cooling systems
  • Efficient artificial lighting
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Integration of rainwater harvesting systems
  • Integration of passive cooling systems